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Version 1.30
iPod Touch
iOS 3.x & up


Basar Vehalav, The Kosher Reminder

Basar Vehalav is the ideal companion for any Jew that waits between meat and dairy meals.

Ever wonder when you finished to eat your meat meal? Ever wonder how much time left until you can eat some dairy meal? Then Basar Vehalav is the perfect app for you.

Basar Vehalav can keep track of up to 4 different persons with different waiting time (1, 3 or 6 hours) and you can even select you personal waiting time!

In one sight, you can see if you still must wait (red button) or if you are allowed to eat dairy meal (green button).

Can't be simpler.

Note to iOS 5 users: please check that Basar Vehalav is turn on in your notification center by going to "Setting" and "Notifications"


Track up to 4 persons
You can track up to 4 different persons on your main screen. Name each tracker to be sure to identify them. Basar Vehalav will even remember the names for you for the next time.


Personal waiting time
You can choose your preferred waiting time: 1 hour, 3 hours or 6 hours. If you wait a non-standard time, you can even set it via the custom waiting time. You can even set a different time to each tracker.


Notify when time is over
Know up to the minute when you can eat dairy food. Basar Vehalav will notify when it is possible to eat dairy food to each person with its personal name.